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Furious residents can't even reverse off drives because of hotel's 'tacky' new signs

Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa in Bromley Cross, Greater Manchester, has recently set up new light-up signs on the entrance to its grounds. However, residents have raised complaints about the signs as they are “too bright” and “difficult to live with”.

The lights, which are believed to be activated when it turns dusk, have seen residents complain.

Frank, who lives opposite the hotel, said the lights shine into his home during the evening.

He told local outlets the lights are “too bright”, and added: “I know a lot of people around here that aren’t happy about it, I’m not happy about it!

“It’s just intrusive because it’s too bright, it’s too much and they’ve aimed it directly at our homes.”

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Frank added: “I didn’t know this was going on, none of us did, I went away for Christmas, I came back and it was completed, it’s come as a shock really.

“I just want them to make it a little less intrusive, I’ve no objections to the state of the entrance, but that’s intrusive.”

Another neighbour said living directly opposite the bright lights has been tough.

They told the outlet: “The light is difficult to live with.

“Trying to reverse off the drive at night is difficult because it’s so bright you can’t tell what’s coming.

“The wall we don’t mind, the flowers we don’t mind, we think it looks pretty. We just don’t like the lights and we think it’s tacky.

“It’s too bright and it looks cheap.”

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While other residents weren’t as frustrated by the Last Drop Village’s lights, they said they looked like “entrance to a hospital”.

One told the outlet: “I don’t mind them, the design’s all right, I think it looks like an entrance to a hospital though.

“But it doesn’t matter what we think, they’ve done it.

“They’ll do what they want, whenever they want, there’s no point getting upset when you’ve got nothing to do with it.”


The bright lights have also been stunning dog walkers and runners who frequent the area.

Susan Worrall, who was on a leisurely stroll past the signs, said: “They don’t need to be that bright do they?

“It’s mostly families and coach parties that come here, it’s not in the city centre where they need to be seen, It’s not necessary.” has contacted Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa for comment.

Additional reporting from Ramazani Mwamba



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