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Fury as council approves demolishing house for footpath to 'create ghetto'

The detached property, which is in Pontprennau, Cardiff, will be knocked to the ground despite 70 objections to the council about a feared risk to safety and rise in crime. A footpath will be created in the space to link the estate to 45 new homes, which will be built on former farmland nearby.

Joanna Fashan, who lives on the cul-de-sac, said: “Residents deliberately purchased properties on this street [Clos Nant Glaswg] as it was a closed cul-de-sac, knowing we could raise our families safely, have quiet retirements, feel safe living alone, and all the other positives that living on such a street has. This alleyway opens up all development from Ty Draw Road into Pontprennau, creating a rat run.

“We are therefore at risk of higher crime rates, for example from opportunist car thieves. This puts the safety and security of the whole Pontprennau community at risk.”

Former Pontprennau and Old St Mellons councillor Dianne Rees said the new path will “create a ghetto”

But, as Wales Online reports, Cardiff Council finally approved the plans on Tuesday. 

Ms Rees added: “The chief flaw is the applicant has failed to address access needs to the site,” said Ms Rees. “It’s piecemeal and premature. It’s a development in relative isolation, on the urban fringe. Yes there will be development in the future, but who knows when?

“What is being proposed is the creation of a ghetto: houses cut off from the wider community both in Pontprennau and Lisvane. It’s massively opposed by residents of Ty Draw Road and west Pontprennau. It will effectively restrict residents of this new development to the site after dark, as the connection into Pontprennau will be crossing an unlit narrow country road.”

But developers United Welsh has said the homes will be carbon neutral, while 62 parking spaces will be provided, including five electric vehicle charging points.

The new footpath and cycleway linking the development with the cul-de-sac are planned to provide an “important strategic active travel link” for residents and provide access to shops and transport links within the site and in wider Pontprennau.

Planning agent Emma Fortune, representing the developers, defended the project, saying it helped “make up the shortfall” of affordable homes in Cardiff. She also added that the footpath and cycleway provided a “safe and convenient” alternative to residents using their cars.

“The site cannot be considered piecemeal premature development, nor has it been designed in isolation to the wider north-east Cardiff strategic site,” she said. “In fact, the site provides a direct link to the land to the north, as well as providing the shared cycle-footway to the south connecting into the wider Pontprennau estate.

“This footpath and cycleway will provide an important strategic active travel link for residents, providing access to shops, services and public transport links that will be developed within the strategic site itself, and allowing people to access services in Pontprennau. The link provides a safe and convenient alternative, so residents can walk or cycle, rather than use their cars. The proposed development of 45 carbon-neutral homes contributes to making up the shortfall in the delivery of affordable homes in Cardiff.”



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