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Fury at people traffickers as more migrants arrive

It came as Britain’s former chief immigration officer in Calais called for asylum seekers to be held offshore while their claims are processed, in an effort to break the evil trafficking trade. The boats were brought ashore by the RNLI and Border Force at Dover. The 99 people arriving on Friday are the latest of more than 1,500 to have made the crossing this year, including more than 270 on Thursday alone.

DOZENS of migrants on three boats were intercepted crossing the English Channel on Friday night, the Home Office said.

Minister for Justice and Tackling Illegal Migration,Tom Pursglove, said: “The rise in dangerous Channel crossings is unacceptable.

“Not only are they an overt abuse of our immigration laws but they also impact on the UK taxpayer, risk lives and [hamper] our ability to help refugees coming to the UK via safe and legal routes. Rightly, the British public has had enough.”

Kevin Saunders, chief immigration officer in Calais for 16 years, said that economic migrants who arrive illegally are delighted to set foot on British soil because it is “so difficult to remove them”.

His warning comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel’s bid to overhaul the immigration system goes before the House of Lords. The Nationality and Borders Bill intends to make it easier to remove someone to a “safe third country” while an asylum claim is pending. The Home Office insists the proposals would not result in them being sent to a country where they would be at risk.

Meanwhile, new measures have been launched to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine to find sanctuary in the UK. PM Boris Johnson has stressed the UK wants to make it easier for

Ukrainians living in the UK to bring relatives here, suggesting more than 200,000 could come.

Last week the Government launched the Ukraine family scheme, allowing extended family members of British nationals and people settled in the UK to come for three years.

A further local sponsorship scheme will allow Ukrainians with no ties to the United Kingdom to come here and work.

Call to ban ‘boomerang refugees’

ALMOST 150 illegal migrants kicked out of the UK have made it back in for a second time and then been granted asylum, figures reveal, writes Matthew Davis.

The tally of “boomerang refugees” over the past five years shows one person is granted asylum every week having originally been removed, it was said.

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch UK, said: “The extent of rampant abuse of our asylum process is jawdropping and these examples illustrate that.

“If someone is rejected and removed, they should be barred from coming back.

“Yet the Government has now admitted that illegal immigration into the UK has grown.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “All applications are considered on their individual merits and where issues relevant to an asylum claim have changed, such as personal circumstances or conditions, it is right we consider them carefully.”



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