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Garden not thriving? It could be down to 'plant placement' – not all 'play well together'

Gardens are in full colour at the moment, as the summer weather encourages flowers and plants to bloom. However, an expert has warned gardeners about the location of their plants, warning that “plant placement” is a crucial reason as to whether plants bloom or not.

Clare Cahill, CEO and owner of A Little Bird Company, told “Who doesn’t love a garden brimming with beautiful plants and bursting wildlife?

“It can be frustrating when the plants we add to our gardens don’t make the impact we hope for.

“But, it could be down to your plant placement.

“Not all plants play well together.”

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Lavender is a great companion plant for rosemary as they both have similar requirements – lots of sun and weekly watering.

Marigolds, thyme, oregano and strawberries will also be very happy located close to a rosemary plant.

Overcrowding too many plants into beds and borders can also cause plants to die.

This is because they need air circulating around them and room for them to grow.

Before planting plants, it is best to research the specific care requirements of that plant as well as which other plants they may not like to be near.



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