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Garden weeds: How to ‘correctly’ get rid of weeds for good – pick ‘most friendly’ approach

There are lots of different ways to deal with weeds, from hoeing to pulling them up. While some may be more time consuming than others, weeding by hand is recommended by experts at Hedges Direct. This is because it is friendlier to the environment and will prevent killing insects. Jamie Shipley, Managing Director at Hedges Direct, said: “The dictionary states that a weed is a ‘wild plant growing where it is not wanted’, so weeds are basically just plants that someone may not want in their garden.

“But, that may be subjective, as many have incredibly pretty flowers and are attractive to bees and other insects, they also come with some ecological benefits.

“Weeds act as a protective barrier to the soil from sunlight, which protects many insects and microscopic creatures, whilst creating a positive environment for them to grow, eat and live.

“There are of course some plants that are classed as invasive species such as Giant Hogweed and of course Japanese Knotweed, which can be extremely destructive ecologically to the detriment of native species.”

However, hours of hard work in the garden can soon be ruined by weeds which can grow anywhere.

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Weeds can also appear on lawns, and in winter, can be damaging to the grass.

Lawn weeds can also be removed by hand, placing compost to fill the hole it leaves behind.

Sprinkle fresh grass seed over the patch and then water well, keeping it damp until the seed has germinated.

Gardeners’ World recommended using a trowel or long blade to do the job.

Patio and driveway weeds can also be removed in the same way.



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