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Gardening hacks: How leftover fruit skin could help your plants flourish

When you think of plant fertiliser, the bananas in your fruit bowl might not necessarily be the first place you look. However, according to gardening experts, their leftover skins could work wonders to help flowers and plants bloom.

The mineral can also help fruit to develop in some plants and regulate enzymes.

Calcium is referred to as “the most important mineral in the soil” because it can help cell walls and allow soil to consume more oxygen.

On the other hand, it isn’t just the minerals banana skins have that are important – but also what they are lacking.

According to home gardener Paul Barbano, who contributes to Cape Gazette, the lack of nitrogen in banana peels is particularly helpful to specific plants.

How can you make fertiliser from banana skin?

You can add leftover banana skins to your compost or worm farm in order to make fertiliser for the garden.

Chop up the banana peels into quarter-inch pieces.

This triggers the composting process by releasing some of the vitamins and minerals from the skins.

These will help turn this nutrient-rich organic matter into plant food.

You can also grind up the peels to make a fertiliser which can be added around plants.

If your plants are potted, lift the mulch and add the peel on top of the surrounding soil.

This is a method referred to in the community as “side dressing”.

According to the Micro Gardener, this will “slowly release nutrients”.



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