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GB News: Dan Wootton blasts net zero as UK should not rely on ‘nefarious powers’

He said: “I do think for now and I stress for now net zero must die.

“We must abandon our 78% target for carbon reduction by 2035 because we cannot rely on nefarious powers for energy anymore.

“In 2022, the cost-of-living crisis trumps the so-called climate emergency.

“And Rishi Sunak must immediately concede that the National Insurance hike cannot simply go ahead and cut fuel duties to provide immediate relief.

“Sadly, the mistakes by giving in to the green lobby means that the financial pain in the short term is likely to be catastrophic.

“Especially for families and businesses hit by two years of unnecessary lockdowns.”

Mr Wootton argued that the Government needed to expand North Sea oil extraction and nuclear power.

He said: “In the medium term the Government must expand North Sea oil and gas extraction to replace foreign imports and frack,frack,frack without delay. 

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“Next month they intend to block the country’s major oil refineries and bring London to a standstill.

“How clueless are these cretins?

“It just makes me so angry that for the past few years the Government has been beholden to the craven green lobby and that odd little Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg.

“Who should have stayed at school instead of helping to create a ludicrous situation where the west has become dependent on Russia for our energy.

“But Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has changed everything.”



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