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GB News: Farage blasts hated Brexit deal and warns it 'risks the troubles coming back’

Speaking to GB News host Dan Wootton, the former Brexit Party leader also slammed Boris Johnson, claiming that the issues around the protocol which effectively cuts Northern Ireland off from the rest of the UK in a trade sense were of his “own making”. Mr Farage admitted that the protocol had ended the “years of agony” in 2019 following three years of Brexit related rows but now it was time to “do something”.

He said: “Let’s be honest, this is a problem of Boris Johnson’s own making.

“There were some of us, Dan, in 2019 saying this is not a good deal that effectively we’ll annex a part of the United Kingdom which is what we’ve done.

“The European Union weaponised Northern Ireland from anyone in the negotiations.

“I had Lord Frost on my programme the other evening. He basically said look, we were at a total impasse, we had to do something.

 “We took the decision with Northern Ireland that we’ll sort the mess out later.

“Alright fine, we did end the impasse thank goodness the years of agony we were going through as a country but now is the time to do something.

“There is the border in the Irish sea a part of the UK has been cut off from the rest of us and this is the crucial point.

“It actually contradicts the Good Friday Agreement which is based as Johnson just said in that clip on consent.

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The former UKIP leader did admit that scrapping the protocol may trigger a trade war with the EU, but this was a risk that was worth taking.

He said: “What’s the risk? The risk is a trade war with the EU but then anyway the free trade deal is rubbish.

“You try to import a case of wine from Italy, you’ll find all sorts of charges and delays. It’s not a very good trade deal and if the whole of the agreement was scrapped?

“You know what we’d do? We’d take back our territorial fishing waters and that’s a good start.

“We’d cease any future payments and we’ll still be on the hook for billions over the next few years.

“But the real question is this. Do Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen or BMW wish to continue selling their cars in the United Kingdom?

“Now by the way they don’t call us United Kingdom, they call us Treasure Island, because that’s how much more they sell to us than we sell to them.

“Dan, they can huff, they can puff all they like. They may well put barriers and problems in our place in the short term but ultimately money like water fines the right level.”



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