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GB News: Farage warns of failures of migrant crisis – 'No one believes Rwanda will happen'

Mr Farage said: “Rwanda isn’t working at all, and here’s why.

“They’ve heard it again and again, in Dunkirk and Calais, the British Government’s going to get tough.

“Pushback, remember that? Pushback, they’re going to turn the boats round and push them back to France.

“That policy was dropped last week. Every other blood-curdling crime we’ve heard from Priti Patel and Boris Johnson has resulted in absolutely nothing.

“No one there believes Rwanda will happen.”

Mr Farage doubled down on the message that the Tories need to ensure the Rwanda policy is followed through with action if they want to stop more dangerous and illegal crossings.

He continued: “If, and only if, those planes start taking off from Manston and take hundreds of young men to Rwanda, then it will be a deterrent.

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“This issue alone will do it, let alone the economy.”

According to Sky News, over 250 people arrived in Dover over the Bank Holiday weekend, after an 11 day pause in crossings due to poor weather conditions.

At least 6,947 people are thought to have made the journey so far in 2022, more than three times the amount that had travelled here this time last year.

By the end of 2022 the figure is projected to reach nearly 60,000.



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