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GB News: 'Incompetent' Joe Biden blasted as 'disaster' as Trump flirts with comeback

Two GB News guests locked horns on Joe Biden’s record in the White House yesterday after Mark Dolan asked whether the 46th President is fit for high office. Conservative commentator Ed Brodow and Jon Christopher-Bua, who worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, locked horns as they traded personal blows on the presidency of Mr Biden.

Speaking to GB News from the ‘true blue’ state of California about what inspired him to write ‘America on its Knees’, Mr Brodow said: “The disaster that is taking place in the United States as a result of this incompetent man sitting in the White House.”

He then claimed Mr Biden was the worst POTUS of his lifetime and even argued “everything he has done has been to the detriment of the United States and its people”.

Mr Brodow lambasted the US President over the cost of living crisis, immigration and his handling of the evacuation in Afghanistan.

Mr Dolan provided a “counterpoint” in which he pointed out Donald Trump negotiated the US evacuation of Kabul and played a role in the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mr Brodow replied: “His policy was let’s get out of Afghanistan, which was a good idea, but it wasn’t his idea to do it the way Biden did, which was absolutely disastrous, that was all on Biden.

“As far as Covid goes, Trump was the one that got us the vaccine.

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“Everybody said that he couldn’t do it but he got us the vaccine in no time flat.”

Brodow went as far as to claim Mr Trump was the best President in his lifetime.

However, according to CBS, a recent survey of historians, politicians, scientists and presidential scholars by the Siena College Research Institute found Mr Trump was the third-worst President.

The 45th President finished above 19th-century leaders James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

Five 20th-century Presidents ended up in the top 10, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight D Eisenhower and John F Kennedy.

In response to Mr Brodow, Mr Christopher-Bua said: “I can’t begin to tell you how much garbage I have just heard in the last two minutes.

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“Especially from this guest of yours Ed, whom I have never heard of, I’ve never heard of his book and it’s preposterous what you are saying.”

Mr Christopher-Bua then took aim at Mr Trump and alleged the 45th President was dancing to the National Rifle Association’s tune.

Mr Trump continues to tease supporters about launching a political comeback in 2024.

The 45th President was met with a standing ovation in Wyoming on Saturday when he asked supporters if anyone wanted him to run in 2024.

It has since been reported Mr Trump will likely run in 2024, provided he remains healthy and Republicans take the House and the Senate in November.

Mr Trump appeared to suggest he believes the GOP will storm to victory later this year.

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