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GB News: Mark Dolan tears case for Scottish Independence apart – 'Tragedy for the UK!'

The GB News presenter blasted “Emperor Sturgeon” and said the case for Scottish Independence “raises more questions than a Gary Barlow tax return”. Mr Dolan was sceptical about the claim that an independent Scotland could join the EU, adding even if it did it may struggle reminding viewers that Angela Merkel had “skewed Greece like a kebab”.

He said: “How do you solve a problem like Nicola?

“There she is, perhaps you call her bluff, Scotland’s commander in chief, Emperor Sturgeon, has renewed her commitment this week to tear Scotland out of the United Kingdom.

“And whether it’s Alex Salmond back in the day or Nicola Sturgeon now, deep down I’m sure these characters really believe in independence.

“You certaintly wouldn’t if you looked at the economic consequences and Sturgeon is not a stupid woman.

“I suspect that Sturgeon and her ilk are a bit like the Anglican bishops who don’t really believe in God but have to keep waving the cross to keep the congregation happy.

“There is no economic, political, diplomatic, military or cultural benefit from the great nation of Scotland leaving the UK. It’s a lose lose situation.

“If you thought Brexit was a bit bumpy just get your head around how Brussels would police the border between England and Scotland in the event of an Independent Scotland joining the EU.

“And would the EU even take Scotland given Scotland’s debt to income ratio and the message it would send to other breakaway states like Catalonia in Spain.”

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“Firstly what currency would Emperor Sturgeon use? The SNP glibly assume it will be the pound, the Treasury will have something to say about that.

“Who will defend Scotland in the unimaginable scenario of a foreign attack?

“Nicola wants to get rid of the nukes this tartan pacifist that she is. Committed to getting rid of Trident exposing Scotland at a time when monsters like Putin are rampaging across eastern Europe and when China circles a sharpened pencil around Taiwan.

“The golden promise of Scottish Independence is EU membership and I’ll give it to Nicola. A majority of Scots indeed voted to remain in the EU.

“However, that the SNP wants sovereignty only to hand it over to Brussels shows how irrational and incoherent this plan is.

“No control of their currency as they would have to take the Euro.

“No control of their borders with Schengen. No control of their courts,plus huge monthly payments for the privilege of membership.

“It all doesn’t add up, talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire and the last time I checked the EU isn’t great with small countries.

“Exhibit A Greece who were skewed like a kebab by Angela Merkel and friends.

“What happens to democracy if Scotland leaves? With Labour support at an all time low and with the brief Tory renaissance strangled at birth you’re looking at single party rule under Emperor Sturgeon for decades.

“An Independent Scotland would be poorer, more divided and of course more woke.

“An independent Scotland would be a disaster for Scotland, and a tragedy for the UK.”



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