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GB News: Neil Oliver slams ‘ridiculous’ Sturgeon for fighting settled war for independence

On Tuesday, the First Minister is set to deliver the second stage of her plan on Scotland’s second referendum if Boris Johnson refuses to devolve more powers to Scotland. Ms Sturgeon vowed to deliver the second referendum in October 2023, despite polls suggesting there is a clear majority which will reject independence.

Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Neil Oliver said the Scottish National Party (SNP) is constantly running on a “hamster wheel” as a “single issue” party.

He said: “Sturgeon is on the hamster wheel of being a party with a single issue.

“She exists, the SNP exists to push for the break-up of the union, so she’s got no alternative, but it is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

“In many ways she makes me think of famous Japanese soldiers lost in the jungle who were left fighting the war for 30, 40, 50 years after it was finished.”

Mr Oliver added: “The war was over in 2014 that was the high watermark that was the referendum on Scottish independence that was a resounding victory of the majority of Scottish people who said as has always been the case, as always was the case, as always will the case that they want to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

Prior to her statement on Tuesday she said: “Even previous Tory leaders, from Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May, said they believed the UK was based on the consent of the people who lived in its constituent nations.

“Westminster is taking a wrecking ball to the idea of the United Kingdom as a voluntary partnership of nations.”

The result of the referendum in 2014 was 44.7 percent of Scots voted for independence while 55.3 percent voted against it.

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The television presenter was adamant that there is no realistic plan for IndyRef2 and added that “there is no constitutionally legitimate way in which she can continue to pursue this war that she wants to wage”.

He added: “I think by next year the world will be a very very different place, people who are already struggling with the cost of lockdown that will only intensify and as people are struggling to cope to pay bills, to pay mortgages, to pay rent, to put food on the table, to stay in jobs, all of the rest of it.

“In that atmosphere, which is inevitable, the last thing that anybody will want is the upset of a referendum.”



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