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GB News: Shaun Bailey issues warning to Sunak over ‘painful’ tax rise – ‘That’s the job!’

Speaking to a group of a panel at GB News on Wednesday night, show host, Dan Wootton, 38, asked Shaun Bailey whether Boris Johnson should scrap the National Insurance rise. Recently, Mr Johnson and Rishi Sunak said that a planned £12bn rise in National Insurance from April is “the right plan” and “must go ahead”.

In an article in the Sunday Times, the PM and chancellor said the rise – which applies to employees and employers – will help clear the NHS backlog.

Despite opposition, including from some Tory MPs, they say it is “progressive” because higher earners pay more.

With inflation rising sharply, there had been calls to scrap the tax rise.

Discussing the plan, Mr Bailey, 50, said: “The ordinary people will feel this, if you earn £20,000 then it will be a 10 pound rise per month.

“The cost of living crisis is coming down the pipe, but also the thing that ordinary people thought very keenly is the state of NHS, particularly, social care.

“Somebody does need to sort that out and if you are a PM and you are building a legacy, this would be a great legacy to build because this will cover everybody.

“We are talking about one of the fundamental things that make this country great -our NHS.

“But a word of caution, tax is always painful, so the Chancellor should be working harder to reduce our bills elsewhere. That’s the job of the Chancellor.”

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Nigel Nielson, a political journalist, expressed his views and said: “That is really scary because what that means is let’s cut public services.

“I would rather see tax go up rather than see public services cut, so you can argue about whether taxes should rise.”

However, he was immediately interrupted by Mr Wootton who reminded him about the rising inflation.

Mr Wootton said: “You must look at the inflation figures and start to panic and that’s before these tax hikes, that’s before the energy bills skyrocketed.”



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