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GB News: Trump has ‘best chance’ of Twitter return with Musk in charge -‘Shakes things up’

He said: “I actually think that Donald Trump stands the best chance he ever has had now that Elon Musk is on the board of Twitter.

“They are going to have to listen to the views of this innovator. He’s buying Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX which is a private enterprise trying to get us to Mars.

“This is a man who is a real innovator, he shakes things up now that he’s on the board. A relentlessly pro-freedom of expression libertarian.

“I think that Donald Trump is going to be back on this platform because let’s not forget, Russia can spout their nonsense on there.

“The Taliban can spout their nonsense on there and actually people are saying ‘hang on a minute’ the democratically elected leader of the free world from 2016 to 2020 has been kicked off.

“Musk has this 9.2 percent stake in Twitter as the largest individual shareholder.

“He can actually start to call some of the shots here, start to say ‘actually Twitter has far too much power and doesn’t use it responsibly’.

“This is the public square, Twitter has become the de facto public square.

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He said: “No, I really do actually believe he’s serious on this. I think he really means it though.

“I think since he was announced on the board of Twitter itself you’ve seen that this is a very rich cat among the liberal techie pigeons.

“Because a lot of people are so upset about this. You’ve even had Twitter employees resign and that to me suggests that people are taking this seriously.

“People are saying this is a guy who will actually make the board pay attention.”



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