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George Russell interview interrupted as reporter gushes over 'really cute' moment

George Russell had his interview interrupted by a fan in a hilarious exchange after qualifying at the Mexican Grand Prix. Russell was speaking about Mercedes’ chances for the race on Sunday before a supporter could be heard shouting in the background.

Russell quickly turned around and gave the spectator a quick wave before turning back to the camera beaming. He said: “Someone shouted in my ear.”

Sky Sports host Natalie Pinkham excused Russell for cutting short his reply as she revealed more details about the fan. She said: “I don’t mind you turning around because he’s really cute.”

Russell turned back and added: “I will. I will. Okay. I will”. His comment seems to suggest the pair were set to meet after his media duties were completed.

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However, the 24-year-old claimed Mercedes were still in the hunt for a victory despite missing out on Saturday. He added: “I believe this weekend we’ve had the fastest car and if you’ve got the fastest car there’s no reason why you can’t win the race.

“I think Max [Verstappen] did an excellent job today as he’s consistently doing week in, week out. But it’s going to be very difficult to pass him. They are gaining about three-tenths on us down the straight.

“We definitely can beat Red Bull for sure but I don’t think we can make the overtake on-track. So we are going to have to be strategic. The strategy is going to be a one or two-stop. I guess having both Lewis and I there we can be aggressive.”



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