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'Get the most from it!': Drivers urged to follow vital air conditioning tips to save fuel

The Met Office has issued an Amber Extreme heat warning for much of England and parts of Wales this week to warn of high temperatures. Motorists have been told to expect “exceptionally high temperatures”, with the southeast likely to see in excess of 35 degrees.

With the summer heat, drivers are being urged to remain safe if they need to travel during the heatwave.

Before setting off, drivers are being warned to not turn their air conditioning up as soon as they get into the car.

This will simply recirculate the hot air while the air con tries to cool it.

The air con will work much better when they’re actually driving and the engine is working harder.

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By setting the lowest temperature and adjusting the fan, this will ensure the air con works more efficiently and will dry out the air less.

If possible, motorists should turn off the recirculation mode while they introduce fresh cold air, as this mode moves the existing hot air around the car.

Everyone in the front of the car might be cool but the air in the back of the car can get stale and hot.

Another tip for drivers in the heatwave is to point the jets upwards.

The cold air will spread around the car faster and more evenly if they point the jets at the roof – and it will cool the car more effectively. 

With a car full of passengers this will ensure everyone is nice and cool – and not just the driver and front passenger.

Mr Wilmot added: “If your A/C is not keeping the car cool then it could be low on coolant, or has some other underlying problem. It’s best to take it into a garage to have it looked at. 

“The last thing you want is to not have A/C when you have a long drive ahead of you this summer.

“If your A/C has a climate control function, simply hit the button and let it get on with what it’s designed for, which is regulating the fans and temperature settings to make sure your car is at the optimal temperature.”



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