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‘Give William the job!’ Britons support crown skipping Prince Charles

William celebrated his 40th birthday earlier this week and calls for the Duke of Cambridge to be next in line for the throne have been renewed. William is second in line for the throne behind his father Prince Charles but his popularity and modern outlook mean he is backed to take the crown after the Queen.

Many feel that the passing of the crown from the Queen to another older monarch in Charles makes the Firm seem archaic and out of touch with modern times.

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Former press secretary for the Queen, Dickie Arbiter, said William has “the stature and confidence of a King-in-waiting”.

And a friend of William told The Mirror: “The decades ahead are going to be some of the most challenging we have experienced as a nation in modern history.

They continued: “And William is ready to step up to the plate.”

As a result, readers were asked whether they thought the crown should skip Charles.

In a poll that ran from 1pm on Monday, June 20 to 6pm on Friday, June 24, asked: “Should Prince William be the next King?”

A total of 2,367 people cast their votes with a strong 76 percent (1,790 people) answering “yes”, William should be the next King.

However, 23 percent (552 people) said “no” he should not be the next King, while just one percent (25 people) said they did not know either way.

Dozens of readers shared their thoughts on the future heir in the comments below the accompanying article.

Many readers were in support of William becoming King with one reader, username ScotsLass writing: “Give William the job.”

Username Pawspal said: “William is wise and will make a fine King. I don’t mind Charles as King, but I worry he will be a soft touch.”

And username Edel said: “We need a King and Queen that the people like.”

Another reader, username Charlieboy..1953, said: “We only have to see why Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate should be our next King and Queen because we light up with love and admiration for them.”

Some readers agreed that Charles has every right to be King and that the crown should not skip over him.

Username Tandy said: “Charles has been waiting patiently for many years to take his rightful place as King, why on earth should he pass it up?”

And username MVS said: “Prince Charles will succeed his mother as King, with Camilla by his side as Queen.

“They’ll serve their country well and Prince William and Catherine will get their turn, but for now they are a great support for the Queen and one day for Prince Charles.”



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