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Hands off Falklands! Britons want to retain sovereignty – Argentina moans of ‘open wound’

The poll asked over 1,500 people which option Brits thought would be the “fairest solution” to the Falklands situation. The options to vote for were, Britain retaining sovereignty over the Falklands, the Falkland Islanders becoming an independent nation, Britain and Argentina sharing sovereignty over the islands, and the Falklands becoming Argentinian sovereign territory. The YouGov Twitter account tweeted: “The country’s ambassador to the UK has said, the Falklands War is an ‘open wound’ in Argentina.

“Britons think the fairest solution would be…

“Britain Retaining sovereignty: 31 percent.

“Falklands Independence: 23 percent.

“Gibraltar Shared sovereignty: 7 percent.

“God save the Queen.”

However, another Twitter user called Justin Kuntz, said: “Can I just correct a minor point, the three that voted against voted to debate other options including independence.

“It was not a vote for integration with Argentina.”

The UK Government released a statement which said it does not accept Argentina has any legitimate claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

However, Argentina has reasserted its sovereignty claim over the Falkland Islands in a fresh swipe at the UK.

The news comes after Buenos Aires said “strict criterion” must be placed on the UK flights to the Falklands islands which it stressed were Argentinian, not British.

Argentina’s Falklands Secretary, Guillermo Carmona, told Radio Nacional: “Argentina’s concern has to do with military flights that may be flying under the argument of being humanitarian flights.

“We do not question the reception of humanitarian flights, but it must be done in a strict sense.

“Argentina states the need for a strict criterion in relation to the flights authorised to make stopovers in neighbouring countries to be strictly humanitarian.”



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