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Harry 'deeply unhappy' at Jubilee as Duke realises 'how much he misses this life'

Prince Harry has looked “deeply unhappy” at the Platinum Jubilee because he “misses” the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Family. Royal expert Neil Sean made the claim, as he suggested that Harry was “not at all happy” with the life he has to return to in California.  Speaking to Fox News, Mr Sean claimed that the pageantry and limelight of the Platinum Jubilee made him realise how much “he misses this life”.

Harry and Meghan made the one and only public appearance of the Platinum Jubilee on Friday at the service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The couple was not greeted with a warm welcome and instead were audibly booed while leaving the cathedral upon their first return to a royal event since their departure in 2020.

His brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton received the loudest cheers of the morning.

Mr Sean, who was in attendance at the Platinum Jubilee event, said that the event was a “stark reminder” of what Harry had given up.

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He explained: “Let me tell you one thing I did notice and this is that Prince Harry looks deeply unhappy up close and not at all happy with his new lot in life.

“It’s obvious he misses this life and this is a stark reminder of what he has walked away from, and I would say he knows it.

“Now a life of injunctions, press attacks, and failed TV deals awaits him and Meghan upon their return, which can’t be nice.

“No matter what he said about being trapped in this life, he sure made snappy he rushed back to grab the limelight and that truly was the feeling within the royal circle today.

In a separate video, Mr Sean said that Meghan almost felt “validated” by booing, as it proved her decision to leave the UK was correct.

So far, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s return to the UK for the Jubilee celebrations has been notably low-key.

Royal aides sought to avoid any frosty interaction between William and Harry after the couples barely acknowledged each other at the Commonwealth Day service in March 2020.

Instead, they sat the couple far away from the Cambridges as well as from the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.



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