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'Have to come back on that!' Sky News host slapped down Bryant over Boris claims

The Labour MP for The Rhondda was challenged on Sky News after claiming there was widespread anti-Boris Johnson feeling in the country. Chris Bryant told Sky News: I think voters in the country must be sick to the back teeth of all of this. If I’m honest, a lot of people have decided that he’s a liar.”

He added: “When I went to the rugby last week in Ferndale two weeks ago, I mean, basically everybody was saying Boris out, Boris out, Boris out.”

Sky News Presenter Ms Sarah-Jane Mee responded: “I do have to come back at that.

“I was in Wolverhampton yesterday, which is a conservative seat…conservative southwest and so many people backing the Prime Minister and saying on the bigger decisions, he is getting things right things that affect their life, like helping their businesses to stay afloat over the pandemic.

“These these little matters they see as a Westminster they don’t really see them affecting them in Wolverhampton.”




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