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'Here's rub for Labour!' BBC's Laura Kuenssberg shoots down Keir Starmer hopes for future

Laura Kuenssberg conceded the Labour Party has secured enough council seats to claim the local elections as a “turning point” for the party. But she forecast Sir Keir Starmer will still face an uphill battle to oust Boris Johnson of Downing Street in the next round of the general election. Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the BBC Political Editor said: “Here’s the rub for Labour.

“Voters overnight have not given them the kind of result that Keir Starmer can look at and say, ‘you know what? I’m cruising my way to Number 10. I’m definitively on track.’

“It looks very much like Labour will end up with the biggest share of the vote when we come to work out all of the numbers but not necessarily the kind of slice of the pie that can make Labour feel comfortable about where things are heading.

“But they do have justification to call it a turning point for them.

“And we are going to hear them call it a turning point again and again and again.”


As of Friday morning, Labour recorded three surprise wins in London, gaining Wandsworth, Westminster, and Barnet.

Both Wandsworth and Westminster had been under Conservative control for decades, with the former considered a jewel in Tory crown due to it boasting the lowest council tax in the whole of the UK.

Sir Keir Starmer described the party’s gains in Barnet as “fantastic” and has said the party is “back on track”.

The Labour leader met supporters in north London on Friday morning where he celebrated the party’s win from the Conservatives.

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Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden downplayed Conservative losses and Labour gains in the local elections.

Mr Dowden told BBC Breakfast: “Of course, we’ve had some difficult results and you can see that in London.

“I would say, though, that we are mid-term and it’s quite a mixed picture because you look elsewhere, whether that’s in Hartlepool or Nuneaton and Thurrock, we’ve actually made gains and I think if you take the whole picture of this, it really doesn’t demonstrate that Labour has the momentum to form the next government”.

He also said: “This isn’t like what Tony Blair got in say ’95 two years before his election victory, they were making 1,800 gains. If you look at Ed Miliband (he) managed to make 800 gains in 2011 and still not win the election”.



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