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Hilarious dog that always looks surprised leaves canine lovers in fits of laughter

Belle has gone viral for her comedic facial expressions caused by a condition which causes the muscles in her head to be stretched back. Despite her shocked expressions, owner Lieschen O’Connor, 38, from Kansas, US, says it only makes her more adorable.

As a result of her birth defect, Belle earns a lot of attention both online and offline.

Lieschen is regularly stopped in the street as passersby notice the hilarious expressions.

Belle does not experience any pain as a result of the condition.

Owner Lieschen adopted the Doberman cross in 2017 from Lawrence Humane Society – an organisation that provides care for homeless and abused animals.

She loves Belle’s funny facial expressions and says she is constantly told Belle is “the cutest pup ever”.

Bella has managed to win over 160,000 followers on TikTok who love watching videos of the pup.

One fan wrote “Her expressions make my heart swell” whilst another added: “She is the cutest dog on TikTok I love her so much”.

A third added: “I know why but she just looks so stunned all the time and it kills me.”

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“People online tend to either think Belle is the cutest pup ever.”

Despite needing eye drops, Belle is “just like any other dog” and loves going for walks and enjoying play time.



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