Historic house rolled through San Francisco streets to new address

A historic house was rolled through the hilly streets of San Francisco to its new location after 139-years at the same address.

The Victorian mansion was loaded onto huge dollies and slowly moved at a top speed of one mile an hour to a new address six blocks away.

Crowds of onlookers lined the streets to watch the move, which took years of planning to get cleared by authorities, according to reports.

House mover Phil Joy told the San Francisco Chronicle that he had to secure permits from 15 city agencies before he could undertake the job.

Mr Joy said that the route was challenging because the first part was downhill.

”That’s always difficult for a house,” he told the paper.

Before the move could happen parking meters and traffic signs and to be moved and tree branched trimmed back.

The owner of the six-bedroom house had to pay $400,00 in permit fees and moving costs, the Chronicle reported.

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