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'Holding their breath' Queen catching covid rattled royals with many 'terrified'

An insider close to the Royal Family has said that the Queen’s coronavirus diagnosis has “terrified” Royals. The source said that prominent Royal Family members were now “holding their breath” thinking about the Queen’s health. The expert said the Royal Family are “terrified” concerning the Queen’s Covid struggles.

“It’s a terrifying time.

“The royals are staying tight-lipped and putting up a good front.

“But there is zero doubt that this is a hugely worrisome scenario.

“The whole country is rattled.”

However, the Queen was able to hold her weekly audience with the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

There has been mounting concerns over the nation’s longest-reigning monarch.

Buckingham Palace has insisted the Queen is triple vaccinated and that she would continue light duties at her desk.

Reports from the palace said that the Queen has a number of major engagements coming up next month.

The Palace has been contacted for comment but has yet to respond.



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