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Holiday warning: ‘Telltale signs' your hotel may have a bedbug infestation – what to do

Dark spots on walls

Checking the bed should be your first port of call, but signs of bedbugs can be present in other parts of the room swell.

The MattressNextDay expert said: “Although this is slightly less common, bed bugs can also leave stains on walls too. If you do notice any dark spots this could be bed bug excrement.

“Make sure not to touch any of the affected areas and notify the hotel or apartment staff straight away.”

Bug shells

Much like many other creatures, bugs shed their skin once they begin to grow.

According to MattressNextDay: “When trying to identify a shell you should look for small, husk-like specks that may crunch if squashed.

“They are primarily found amongst fabric, so check mattresses, headboards, sofas and any other upholstery.”

Worn or aged upholstery

Though this is not a certain sign of bedbugs, MattressNextDay’s experts say old furnishings can carry a higher risk of infestation.

They explained: “Old fabrics that may not have been cleaned thoroughly or are possibly second hand could house a family of bed bugs.

“If the place you’re staying is of a slightly older nature or a boutique-style, it’s always best to double-check the fabric and furnishings before settling in.”

White spots on furniture

Mattresses aren’t the only places bedbugs like to take up residency, with all soft furnishings at risk.

MattressNextDay said: “Bed bugs also like to lay their eggs in furniture as well as mattresses, especially sofas.

“These will look like bunches of small white spots from a distance, but on closer inspection, this can be where the bugs have decided to keep their eggs.”



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