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Homes Under the Hammer buyers boost flat by £153k thanks to ‘incredible’ loft conversion

Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts was in South Norwood in London, a popular area for commuters. He said: “Well, the property I’m here to see is right by the side of this busy road. Good transport links anyway. One hundred and fifty thousand plus for a two-bedroom flat.”

The property was above a small supermarket.

Upon entering the property, Martin showed viewers the state of the flat.

He explained: “Crikey, very, very, very old fuse board with those old cartridge fuses.

“The electrics definitely need replacing.”

The bedrooms were good in size but had areas of damp and mould.

The bathroom was internal, meaning there were huge ventilation issues.

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The loft bedroom had plenty of light with skylights letting in all the natural light.

Despite having a budget of £15,000, the loft means Sarkan and Ismail spent £55,000.

However, they really think this will benefit them when they come to rent the flat out.

Local estate agents visited the home to see how much they thought the home would be worth now.

One expert said: “They’ve done really well and added a third bedroom. I believe this is really going to help rent the property.

“I believe if this property was to be put on the sales market, you’d be looking to achieve anywhere between £325,000 to £330,000.”

The other explained: “The amount of space they have gained is actually quite incredible.

“The value for the property as it stands right now is £300,000.” 

Taking the top valuation means the property duo have increased the flat’s value by a huge £153,000.



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