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‘Hopping mad!’ Prince Charles’ fury as Prince Andrew’s royal ‘return’ plea shot down

Royal editor and commentator Roya Nikkhah appeared on True Royalty’s Royal Beat to discuss the latest on Prince Andrew with fellow panellists. Prince Andrew now faces a lawsuit in the US after his motion to dismiss it was thrown out with royal commentators wondering where does the Duke of York go now. Ms Nikkhah discussed the likelihood of Prince Andrew returning to the Royal Family but said Prince Charles was “hopping mad” after the suggestion was made during Prince Philip’s funeral.

Speaking on the Royal Beat, Ms Nikkhah recalled the reaction from Prince Charles after it was suggested Prince Andrew could return as a full working royal.

She said: “Everyone in the Royal Family has been of the view he couldn’t come back, except Prince Andrew.

“[He] did a litmus test with us last year when a source close to him said ‘he thinks he has a future role’.

“I went to the Prince of Wales with that and suffice to say the Prince of Wales was hopping mad.

“Because Andrew said he had family support to come back, and he did not have family support to come back to public life.”

Ms Nikkhah then theorised what the future could hold for Prince Andrew after his lawsuit was complete.

She added: “He has been stripped of everything. He has been stripped low and I think Andrew will now know he needs to try and clear his name.

“If that is not possible, he will need to dedicate himself to lying low, but doing something good.

“His life has changed completely overnight, for the last two years, he’s been thinking he’s going to keep it all.

“But I think that down the line, once this legal process is done and whatever happens with it, we will see some major attempt at humility, an apology, and a step-change from him.”

During Prince Philip’s funeral, sources close to the Duke of York claimed he was considering a “comeback” following the sexual assault allegations made against him by Virginia Giuffre. 

Prince Andrew has always denied these allegations.

The Daily Mail reported: “He still harbours thoughts that he can make a comeback. He genuinely thinks that’s possible.


“He hopes the public, if he’s supporting his mother in this difficult time, might give him the benefit of the doubt. He hopes there is a way back.”

Despite his positivity, Prince Charles reportedly believes there is “no way back” for Andrew.

The source added: “Prince Andrew might hope that this sad situation changes things, but Prince Charles is adamant there is no way back while allegations hang over him.

“He spoke on camera in a private capacity because this is a family event. No one can stop him from doing that.”



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