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Horoscopes & love: Aquarius is more comfortable with 'flirtatious relationship' than love

Those romantically involved should be wary that this sign “may be skittish when it comes to love”.

Rather, they are more comfortable in a “flirtatious relationship” and can easily find themselves in a “longterm ‘friends with benefits’ situation”.

Love, even when they have “deep feelings for the other person”, can lead them to feel trapped.

A sign that they like to live in the moment, Aquarius may be afraid to plan their future, not to mention with someone else.

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“An Aquarius doesn’t want to depend on another person, and they don’t want someone else to depend on them.”

For this reason, Aquarius may cut a partner off if they get too clingy, or they themselves may detach if they find themselves getting too invested.

“Trying to navigate healthy codependence in a relationship is a lifelong Aquarius challenge.”

But hope is not lost for an Aquarius in love.


“An Aquarius wants a unique date that isn’t about putting on a show.”

Far from flashy, this sign is much more touched by a surprise cup of coffee than “someone who plunks down their credit card”.

Indeed, if you’re trying to woo Aquarius, your best bet is to make the date as casual as possible.

“Many Aquarians cringe at the word ‘date’, feeling like the concept is too formal and antiquated.”

Aquarius is most likely to forgo their flirtations and finally settle down with Gemini, Sagittarius or a fellow Aquarius.

Aquarius and Gemini are a “quirky” pair according to other zodiac signs, and they also connect well on a physical level.

As for a Sagittarius and Aquarius love match, “fire sign Sag can add some heat to ethereal Aquarius, and may even make Aquarius commit to love”.

“Both adventurers, both independent, and both very sure of what they want, Sags and Aquarians can bring out the best in each other – if they don’t drive each other crazy first.”

As for two Aquarians, this couple “respect and love what each other brings to the table”.

“They don’t take the need for independence personally, understand that love may take time to build, and have a pretty amazing carnal connection,” revealed



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