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Horrific pictures show girl's bloody face after dog attacked her in garden

The horrific incident happened as the little girl was at her grandma’s friend’s house in Glasgow.

A Jackador dog – hybrid breed of a Labrador and a Jack Russell Terrier – attacked poor Harley Chatterton at the house’s communal garden.

Harley was heard screaming as the dog savaged her face, with the adults rushing to get it off of her.

She suffered deep lacerations on her nose, cheek and lips.

The poor girl was immediately taken to Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

There, she underwent a two-hour operation, and came out with with 60 stitches on her head.

The next day, Harley had a plastic surgery in an effort to heal the wounds.

Harley’s mother, Caprice Finley, said her daughter’s lip was so swollen that she was having difficulty eating and drinking.

She told the Daily Record: “She was in agony and couldn’t eat or drink.

“It was so hard to watch because we couldn’t make her better.

“After she saw herself in the mirror, she kept asking why the dog did this to her.

“She said, ‘what did I do wrong mummy’, my heart was broken for her.”

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The girl’s grandma saw the scene from the balcony and rushed to free the toddler from the dog’s teeth.

She was covered in blood when the little girl’s mum, Caprice, 24, arrived.

The mum-of-three said she feared for the worst as she was on her way with her husband.

She said: “All I had been told was that Harley had been attacked by a dog.

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