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Horrifying moment Sky News team SHOT as soldiers fire barrage of bullets at them – VIDEO

The Sky News reporter confirmed he had been wounded in the harrowing attack while cameraman Richie Mockler had taken two rounds in his body armour. In the footage, the group can be seen travelling down an empty road before their car began to be targeted by snipers, with a first bullet cracking the windscreen. The driver proceeds to go ahead for a couple of metres before seeing another bullet hit the road ahead, forcing him to stop.

Mr Mockler can be seen moving the camera down to film the ground, showing him opening the door as he asks he yelled “what the f***” as more shots are fired at the car.

In a horrific moment, the video shows one of the bullets hitting the right-side door the cameraman had just opened, with sparks flying at the contact with the metal.

Mr Ramsay said he and producer Dominique Van Heerden alongside Mr Mockler failed to get out of the car straight away while producer Martin Vowles and local producer Andrii Lytvynenko rushed to the side of the road to seek shelter.

Throughout the first round of shots, Ms Van Heerden and her colleagues can be heard identifying themselves as journalists and begging for the shooting to stop, with their attempts to placate the attack being ignored.


Recounting the horrifying experience, Mr Ramsay said: “Richie says I then got out of the car and stood up, before jogging to the edge of the embankment and then started running.

“I lost my balance and fell to the bottom, landing like a sack of potatoes, cutting my face. My armour and helmet almost certainly saved me.”

Cameraman Richie Mockler however remained in the car, and only managed to rejoin the group over the barrier after several more rounds hit the car.

In the video, the five can be seen checking each other for potential wounds after Mr Mockler said: “I’m hit. I think I’m hit.”

Two bullets hit the cameraman but were stopped by his military body armour.

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“This was different, an utterly relentless and focused onslaught.

“I reckon they fired an absolute minimum of 500 rounds at us, maybe as many as 1,000. And very few of the bullets missed.”

Mr Ramsay added: “Though we never saw the shooters, we were later informed that they were Russians, operating as an unofficial hit squad.

“In fact, they were likely part of a saboteur Russian reconnaissance unit working with a military engineering squad repairing a roadway under a bridge that Ukrainian forces had destroyed to prevent Russian tanks moving on Kyiv.

“We had driven out west from the city on Monday towards Bucha, where Ukrainian forces had destroyed a Russian convoy the day before.”



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