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Houseplants: The best low maintenance plants to remove ‘harmful toxins’ from the air

Houseplants are extremely popular in the UK, with several varieties requiring low maintenance to keep alive. What’s more, many opt to keep houseplants because of the health benefits they provide, including improving sleep and removing airborne mould. Gardening-Guru at Miracle-Gro, Kate Turner, shared the top plants which can be beneficial in the home.

The expert explained: “Cleaning, decorating products, cookers and fires all contribute to air pollution.

“Our homes can also suffer from poor ventilation, especially in winter as we tend to open our windows less.

“Having plants can therefore help improve air quality in our homes by removing harmful toxins from the air and clean it for us too.

“Studies have even shown that once you’ve introduced more plants to your house, you may find that after a long day at work you are feeling less fatigued, with some plants even helping with the quality of your sleep.”

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Often known as being “unkillable”, the mother-in-law’s tongue helps to remove both toxins and carbon dioxide from the air.

It likes the humidity, and keeping it in the bathroom could be a good option.

Owners only need to water the plant when the soil is completely dry and pests often stay away from the Snake Plant.

Kate continued: “The more plants you have grouped together, the better the air quality and the greater the benefits.

“When your plants start flowering, usually in spring, it’s important to give them plant food to give them all the nutrients they need to be healthy.

“I would recommend using Miracle Gro’s Organic Pump and Feed for all your houseplants and cacti.”



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