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How to avoid ‘killing’ tomato plants while ‘encouraging fruit production’ – ‘important’

“However, you can overdo it with the fertiliser, which can lead to leaf burn or even kill the plants.”

To stop this happening, Oliver advised gardeners to “use a balanced fertiliser and “follow the directions on the package”.

Too much nitrogen, a key ingredient found in plant fertiliser, can cause your crop to grow too quickly, resulting in less actual fruit and excessive leaf foliage that is prone to pest infestation.

Pruning plants is vital for healthy growth but many gardeners forget about this task.

The gardening enthusiast explained: “Pruning tomato plants helps to improve air circulation and prevents disease. 

“It also encourages the plant to put its energy into fruit production, rather than leaf growth. 

“Use sharp pruners to remove any dead or diseased leaves, as well as any suckers that are growing from the joint where the leaves meet the stem.”



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