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How to clean microfiber- the best ways to clean your sofa, pillows and more

Microfiber is often used to clean household surfaces and is loved for its gentle, soft texture. While this synthetic material is easy to wash in the form of a cloth or towel, large furnishings can be trickier to keep clean. Luckily, there are plenty of gentle yet effective solutions to keep your sofas, pillows and other microfiber furniture fresh and stain-free, but what are they?

Microfiber is known for its sleek finish and hypoallergenic properties. The tightly weaved fibres which make up microfiber also make it hard to harbour stains and spills.

While this durable fabric can escape most deep-set stains, microfiber can still fall victim to the odd accident – especially in a busy household.

Whether you’re looking for ways to remove food crumbs, liquids or simply refresh your soft furniture, there are plenty of ways to give your microfiber furniture a deep, yet gentle clean.

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How to clean a microfiber sofa or chair

Keeping your microfiber sofa clean can be done using just a few simple products, and you probably already have them at home.

Baking soda and rubbing alcohol are the main ingredients needed to refresh this tightly woven fabric, but you’ll need to start with a quick vacuum before attempting a deep clean.

Start by vacuuming

Use a handheld vacuum or a small attachment to vacuum every crevice of your sofa, and remove surface debris.

To lift stubborn odours, sprinkle some baking soda over the sofa and leave it to sit for around 30 minutes before vacuuming once more.

Do a patch test

Take a swatch on an inconspicuous area of your sofa before applying the rubbing alcohol all over.

Simply pour a small drop of the liquid onto the hidden surface and blot lightly to check for any colour transfer. Leave the patch to dry completely to check for fading.

Spray the rubbing alcohol

If your patch test is successful, you can go ahead and spritz the sofa to lift any visible stains.

Decant the liquid into a spray bottle to apply the pungent liquid, keeping the bottle three to six inches away from the sofa to apply an even mist.

Clean and dry the stained area

Use a white cloth to rub the stain in a circular motion and work the alcohol into the fabric.

The cloth must be white to avoid transferring any dye onto the microfiber surface.

Leave the cleansed area to air dry completely to reveal your clean sofa.

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How to clean microfiber pillows and cushions

Microfiber cushions can deteriorate over time if over-washed.

This is down to fabric softener clogging the pores of the microfiber while slowly breaking down the ‘stain-proof’ layer.

To protect this silky fabric, you should always hand wash pillows and cushions using a mild detergent.

Fill a tub or sink with warm water and add one cupful of detergent.

Place the item into the water and squeeze gently until the water and dirt begin to seep into the tub and change the colour of the water.

Avoid using heat to dry the items, leaving them to air dry on a clothes horse or washing line instead.

How to clean microfiber cushion covers

It can be tempting to throw removable cushion covers in the washing machine, but this can often do more harm than good when the item is made of microfiber.

To clean up a dirty or stained cushion you should use a hand wash method, and an alcohol solution to spot-treat stains.

Soak cushion covers in a clean bath filled with warm water and one cup of mild detergent or baking soda.

Wring the fabric out and leave to dry on a flat surface, away from any direct heat sources.

Use plain vodka or isopropyl rubbing alcohol to spot treat stubborn stains by rubbing the liquid in a circular motion.

Wipe the area with water and leave to dry completely.



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