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How to ‘immediately’ increase your property value by 10-15 percent – ‘relatively easy’

Just remember to get all the necessary planning permissions and building regulation sign-offs, otherwise you won’t be able to call it a habitable room when you do come to sell the house.

Cosmetic solutions can hide problems from potential buyers but are unlikely to fool a valuer and therefore the value of the property, so prioritise fixing any leaks in the roof, rising damp, structural cracks to walls, any rot, missing or broken roof tiles, and any chimney problems.

Mandy explained: “Damp will show up on survey reports and if you do not have a damp proof course, this could make your property difficult to sell. 

“Cutting corners with these basic elements will come back to haunt you later in your renovation.”

Although they are likely to be among the most expensive works in a renovation project, in terms of adding value they are absolutely essential. 

Secondary are any other small and superficial defects – although they don’t affect the value of a property, cumulatively they will prevent it from selling at the optimum price.

Attend to any peeling paint, squeaking doors, jammed or damaged windows, broken door latches, dripping taps, loose tiles, and so on.



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