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How to kill slugs: Gardener's easy tip to 'keep the population down' also benefits gardens

Lizzie Fox runs The Rose Press Garden, a seed and bulb subscription business. She encourages natural predators to her garden to kill slugs.

Lizzie told readers: “I think us gardeners need to learn to live alongside slugs to a certain extent.”

However, she has one method to deal with slugs that will benefit your garden in a number of ways.

Lizzie said: “If you can encourage wildlife into your garden with bird feeders, hedgehog houses, and ponds, this means that the birds, hedgehogs, and frogs will help to keep the overall population down, as well as doing out bit to support local wildlife.”

Wildlife that eats slugs will live in your garden do the job of killing slugs for you.

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Copper is said to shock the slimy belly of the slug when it crawls over it.

However, there has never been conclusive proof copper works to prevent slugs and the gardening community is divided over the issue.

Another gardening expert detailed an organic method to kill slugs.

Sophie Valentine, the gardener behind @lookinsidemygarden, uses nematodes to kill slugs.



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