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How to make your lawn greener and thicker – the 'crucial' soil test to 'improve colour'

As the summer weather approaches, many Britons will be getting back out into the garden. However, a brown or patchy lawn can put a dampener on days relaxing in the sunshine. Though lawn mowing activity ramps up this time of year, it isn’t just keeping your grass well tended to that can have an impact on its health.

For Britons eager to ensure their lawn is looking lush and green, part of the answer could be hidden away in your soil.

Regular lawn maintenance is imperative for a healthy lawn, including following both a mowing and watering schedule.

However, experts from Natural Green Systems also advise carrying out a “crucial soil test”.

If your grass is looking a little dull, this test could reveal the problem.

The experts explain: “A soil test is a crucial step in finding out what nutrients your lawn is lacking and what fertilisation and any other treatments can do to improve its density and colour.”

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How to carry out a soil pH test

There are a number of ways you can test the pH of your soil.

Gardening stores and some DIY stores sell easy-to-use kits, however, there are also some traditional at-home methods you can try out.

One way to test soil is by using some items you may already have in your kitchen cupboard.

You can use both baking soda and white vinegar to determine if your soil is acidic or alkaline.

How to test your soil using vinegar

Farmers’ Almanac explains: “Place two tablespoons of soil in a bowl and add half a cup vinegar.

“If the mixture fizzes, you have alkaline soil.”

How to test your soil using baking soda

To use baking soda, place two tablespoons of soil in a bowl and moisten it with distilled water.

Next, add a half cup of baking soda. If the mixture fizzes, you have acidic soil.



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