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How to teach your lawn to 'fend off weeds by itself' – 'the best prevention method'

Dealing with weeds is extremely important and needs to be done in a timely manner. If they are not dealt with, they not only damage your grass, but they can also leave you with a lawn full of weeds instead of the luscious green grass we all desire. However, thankfully, just like many garden-related problems, there is always a solution. Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, Carlos Real, has revealed all.

What are weeds?

The most common lawn problem is weeds. Weeds cause problems with your lawn, as they compete with the grass for space to grow.

There are hundreds of different types of weeds, but the most common ones are clover, creeping buttercup, dandelions, daisy, creeping, thistle, crowfoot, and the dreaded ragwort.

Depending on where you live, you may even find there are local species that are more prevalent than others in your area.

However, fear not, they can all be dealt with in the same way.

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Why do we get weeds?

Sadly, weeds can’t always be prevented. There are two main culprits for bringing weeds onto your lawn, the first being birds.

Although it’s nice to see birds in our gardens they can often be found carrying seeds or strands of weeds with them, which are dropped as they fly overhead.

The other main culprit bringing weeds into our gardens is the wind. Windy conditions can lead to small seeds and pieces of weeds being blown onto your lawn.

Once these pieces of weeds or seeds are on your lawn, they then germinate into your lovely fertile soil, beginning the process.

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What problems can weeds cause?

As well as being unsightly, weeds can cause many other issues if you let them take hold of your garden.

Just like any other plant, grass needs water and food to be able to grow, but weeds take a lot of these vital nutrients out of the soil, making it harder for your lawn to thrive.

Certain weeds can also cause allergy-related health problems, negatively affect your water supply, and even leave other plans more susceptible to disease, so we’d always recommend getting on top of your weed problem as soon as possible.

Can you prevent weeds?

The best prevention method for weeds taking over is to keep your lawn well maintained and to keep to a strict lawn care routine.

This includes mowing regularly, feeding and watering regularly and pulling out weeds as soon as you see them.

Feeding, aerating, and scarifying your lawn will make the grass stronger, allowing it to fend off weeds by itself, making it much easier for you to keep any weed problems at bay.

Grass is very competitive and will hopefully overpower weeds all on its own most of the time, however, even with the best lawn care routines, weeds are sadly inevitable from time to time.

What else can we do to eradicate weeds?

If you’re mowing, watering, feeding, and doing everything you can to look after your lawn but still find yourself having problems with weeds, then you might need some extra assistance from a weed-in-lawn weedkiller.

I’ve successfully used Weedol many times before, but you can also get weed-specific weed killers if you have a particular problem.

Alternatively, you can contact your local lawn care technician, who will have access to professional-grade herbicides, and pay them to come and spray your problem areas with their specialised products.

The good thing about a local lawn care technician is that if you’re dealing with weeds that are prominent just within your local area, they will have a more specialised local knowledge and will likely know how to treat problems they see regularly, rather than using a generic weed-killing product that might not be the best solution.



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