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Huge fire in London skyscraper sends glass crashing to ground -70 firefighters on scene

A fire broke out at around 4pm on Monday in Whitechapel High Street, near the Aldgate East underground station. Social media footage showed glass panes falling from hundreds of meters high to the ground, causing danger to people on the street.

London Fire Brigade has confirmed they are attending the blaze on Whitechapel High Street. 

The emergency services said “ten fire engines and 70 firefighters are at the scene”, and urged people to “please avoid the area if possible”.

A witness at the scene posted a clip on Twitter of the huge blaze creeping up the glass building, with smoke billowing into the sky.

He said that glass panels were falling “100s of metres” from the tower.

At least 33 calls have been made the the fire brigade regarding the huge blaze.

The fire broke out at a high rise building, believed to be the Relay Building, on the junction of Commercial Street and Whitechapel Road.




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