‘I can watch whatever I want on TV’: Jane Fonda reveals she has zero desire to get married again

Jane Fonda has revealed she has no desire to marry again, but admits a “successful marriage” is one thing she’s not achieved, “it’s something I wish I’d been better at,” she exclaimed.

“I don’t ever want to be married again,” said Fonda to Page Six, ahead of the Golden Globes. “I live by myself. I don’t have any guy who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and stand up.

“I’m not threatening anybody. I can watch whatever I want on TV.”

Fonda’s dad was married five times, as a result, the actor believes that those with parents who’ve stayed together seem to “have a much easier job of making relationships work,” she explained.

“I didn’t know how to make a marriage work. Maybe I was afraid of having a marriage work.

“I don’t know … It’s beautiful when it works, when people grow together and are together for an entire lifetime. How wonderful.

On Sunday Fonda accepted the Golden Globes’ Cecil B. DeMille Award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment, and gave a powerful virtual speech, in which she advocated for diversity.

“Stories, they really can change people. But there’s a story we’ve been afraid to see and hear about ourselves in this industry, a story about which voices we respect and elevate and which we tune out, a story about who is offered a seat at the table and who is kept out of the rooms where decisions are made,” she said.

Fonda, a long-time activist, has been vocal on feminism and environmental issues, and held an anti-Vietnam war stance early on in her career, which gained her the moniker “Hanoi Jane.” She has been arrested six times at protests.

“Art has always been not just in step with history, but has led the way,” said the actor during her award acceptance.

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