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‘I have a collection of them’ Camilla beelines for £1.50 commemorative Jubilee mug

The Duchess of Cornwall was visiting Emmaus UK in Mossley, Ashton-under-Lyne, a social enterprise community supporting homeless people and providing them with education and training when she found the bargain.

Rebecca English shared pictures of the trip on Twitter, which caused a royal fan frenzy.

The royal correspondent wrote: “Camilla also had a nose around the @EmmausUK shop and made a beeline for a £1.50 commemorative Silver Jubilee mug!

“She said: ‘Believe it or not, I have a collection of them!’”

The future Queen Consort seemed impressed by the rest of the bargains on offer, reported the Evening Standard, as she commented: “Oohh there’s a really nice teapot here for anyone who collects them.

“I wish I had a bit more time here. It’s a great place to get presents if you have the time.”

The Duchess was there for a pre-Jubilee Big Lunch as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s seven decades on the throne, which will be commemorated next month.

Camilla is patron of both Emmaus UK and The Big Lunch, an annual community gathering, and was greeted upon her arrival by a 14 foot high puppet called Padmini.

The puppet is part of Global Grooves, a group of performers taking part in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in a pageant on June 5.

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The Duchess addressed the crowd: “I am thrilled to get everybody here today to celebrate the Jubilee weekend, when I hope you will be having an even bigger lunch on the day.

“The aim is 10 million people, that’s what we are hoping.

“It’s a lovely way to celebrate.

“It’s a lovely way to get to know your neighbours and to have a lot of delicious food and chat.”



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