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I tried a 13p lemon hack to remove thick limescale from glass – and these were the results

Next, I prepared my lemon and bicarbonate of soda.

Cut a lemon in half on a chopping board using a knife.

Pour your bicarbonate of soda out onto your tablespoon.

Get one half of your lemon and dip the fleshy side into the baking soda.

Pour more of the baking soda onto the lemon, if needed.

Use the back of the tablespoon to spread it on the flesh evenly.

Once the lemon’s flesh is completely covered, give the lemon a squeeze and watch the baking soda and lemon juice bubble.

Now the lemon is ready to use on your preferred surface.

I massaged the glass with the baking-soda-covered-lemon in circular motions and continued to squeeze so more lemon juice was released.

The solution continued to bubble and fizz as it got to work on the limescale.



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