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‘I was amazed!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easy’ bag trick to rid limescale from shower heads

If homeowners have noticed their shower flow getting a little weaker, don’t assume it’s a problem with the water pressure. It could well be, but it’s equally as likely to be down to limescale deposits inside the shower head blocking the ducts. When this happens, you’ll experience what seems like reduced pressure, a weaker flow and sporadic spray patterns. To help Britons out, Mrs Hinch fans have shared their ways of cleaning shower heads on dedicated cleaning pages on social media.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to remove the grime from her shower head.

Uploading a picture of her shower head, Gemma Dickie wrote: “Noticed today how grime my shower head is. What’s the best way to clean it?”

Limescale can build up easily over a long period of time in kettles, on shower heads and around taps. 

Hard water areas can often suffer the most from limescale build up which means problem areas need tackling more frequently. 

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Laura Morris added: “Leave overnight in a bag or jug of white vinegar. Comes up spotless and no scrubbing needed.”

White vinegar has strong acidic qualities so it’s great at breaking down those pesky limescale deposits.

As limescale is made of calcium carbonate, an alkaline, the acidity of vinegar works to break through the hard deposits.

Vinegar is also a cost-effective method for removing limescale, available for 29p in Tesco.



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