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‘I’m disgusted’: Driver furious after being fined £170 for parking in their own car park

The ticket has since been cancelled and a spokesperson for Marsland House said: “Marsland House has limited parking, so to prevent the wider community from parking in the customer only parking spaces, Johnnie Johnson Housing consulted with residents about putting a permit holder parking system in place.

“The residents voted for this, and the scheme has now been in place for several years.

“The Community Housing Officer for the local area is responsible for issuing permits to the residents. The permits must be clearly displayed on the car windscreen to prevent a parking ticket being issued.

“On occasion the permit gets forgotten or slips down, when this happens, we ask the resident to contact their Community Housing Officer straight away in order for her to contact the parking enforcement team to verify that they are a permit holder and that the ticket can be waived.”



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