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I'm not telling you a date' Sturgeon explodes at Raworth in row on Covid passports

Ms Sturgeon appeared on BBC Sunday Morning as she defended her Government’s decision to keep several coronavirus restrictions in place as England removes theirs. Mask-wearing and Covid passes will still be enforced north of the border but concerns have grown over the economic impact of the certificates which may deter people from visiting certain businesses. The First Minister was asked to give a date on when they would be dropped but snapped at Sophie Raworth as she would not be able to provide a time as she would simply be “making it up”.

Ms Sturgeon explained the coronavirus situation in Scotland and what measures she was taking.

She was asked for more details on the Covid passport which is still being enforced north of the border.

The SNP leader said: “I don’t underplay the impact of any of these measures on businesses.

“But if you take nightclubs, the nighttime industry, checking people’s Covid certification I think is a better alternative to these places being closed.

“It means they’re open as of tomorrow and trading again.

“And nightclubs, it’s a long, long time since I was in a nightclub Sophie but you know checks for different things are not unheard of.

“We have big sporting events, which have been able to have spectators in again for the last number of days checking Covid passes and that is not causing anybody any real hardship.”

Ms Raworth interrupted and said there was evidence to suggest the Covid passes were having “negative economic consequences” where footfall and revenues are down.

The UK Government announced coronavirus restrictions would be dropped over next week as Health Secretary Sajid Javid says the country needs to “live with Covid”.

Mandatory mask-wearing and Covid certification will be dropped although some venues can enforce the measure if they so wish.

In Scotland, three-household limits, table service for hospitality and the reopening of nightclubs are among a long list of restrictions that will be scrapped.

However, Covid passes and mask-wearing on public transport and shops will still be in place.



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