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‘Immigrants welcome here’ Protest as ‘Home Office operation’ locks down Edinburgh streets

The bagpipes can be heard as protestors gather against a Home Office “operation” at the Beirut restaurant in Nicolson Square, Edinburgh. 

They are fighting against a suspected immigration raid of the restaurant.

Photos and videos posted online depict scores of protestors gathering.

In one instance, a demonstrator can be seen clambering on top of a white van believed to be involved in the operation.

Chants have been reported of  “no justice, no peace, f*** the police,” as people jump up and down on the vans. 

People were pictured holding up huge banners that read: “No peace for Police Scotland,” and “Stop deportations.”

Lothian Buses have been forced to redirect services 2 and 47 as a precaution for further blockages as more protestors flock to the scene. 

The protest has been partly put together by Twitter, with various accounts encouraging more to arrive. 

Edinburgh anti-raids tweeted: “Immigration officers spotted at Nicolson Square near Beirut – please go and see what help can be offered – some general advice on filming and gathering evidence here.”

Another user said: “URGENT: The immigration are in Beruit Restaurant on Nicholson Street attempting to remove staff.

“Please get down there to block the van and stop the removal.”

Police officers are reportedly present at the scene. 



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