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'Increasingly deranged and unhinged' Putin savaged as Europe sent terrifying war warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine a fortnight ago after weeks of more than 100,000 Russian troops massing along the border of its neighbour. Ukraine has claimed Russia’s forces have so far destroyed at least £76billion ($100billion) worth of Ukrainian infrastructure and other physical assets as missiles rain down on cities throughout the country. This has led to more than 2.3million people fleeing Ukraine thus far – around half of them children – according to the latest United Nations tally.

The UK has continued to smash Russia and Putin with crippling economic punishments, with sanctions tightened on on oligarchs deemed to be close to his regime.

European Union leaders have also agreed to phase out buying Russian oil, gas and coal, according to a draft declaration, but are unlikely to offer Ukraine rapid EU membership.

War tensions skyrocketed with international condemnation of a Russian strike on a maternity hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and Moscow’s claim the building no longer served as a healthcare facility.

Russia’s Defence Ministry denied hitting the hospital, and instead accused Ukraine of a “staged provocation” there.

Speaking shortly before the horrifying strike on the hospital, a foreign policy expert branded Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “an act of barbarism and complete madness”.

Nile Gardiner, who is also a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, told “Vladimir Putin poses a huge threat to the freedom of the world today.

“This invasion is an act of barbarism and complete madness. Putin looks increasingly deranged and unhinged.

“We are looking at savagery and barbarism on an epic scale with Putin, so we cannot underestimate what is happening and what might happen.”

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Mr Gardiner believes the invasion of Ukraine could be a “test case for further wars of expansion” and could next turn his attentions to neighbouring Baltic states, with Lithuania in particular “the immediate prime target”.

But he warned this could only be the start of Putin’s blueprint as he could be planning to “conquer big chunks of Europe”.

The foreign policy expert warned: “This is just the beginning of his game plan for Europe.

“The Russians could be looking to conquer big chunks of Europe and we have to stop them.

“The UK must lead on this and other European governments have to follow.

“We can’t allow the Russians to impose their will on Europe.”

On Thursday, Boris Johnson warned Putin could deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine as that would be “straight out of Russia’s playbook”.

The Prime Minister said he fears Putin could make the “catastrophic mistake” of turning to chemical weapons in his attacks on Ukraine, and also called Moscow a “cynical, barbaric government”.

Speaking on Sky News’ Beth Rigby Interviews programme, Mr Johnson said: “The stuff that you’re hearing about chemical weapons is straight out of their playbook.

“They start saying that there are chemical weapons that have been stored by their opponents or by the Americans.

“And so when they themselves deploy chemical weapons, as I fear they may, they have a sort of maskirovka — a fake story — ready to go.

“You’ve seen it in Syria. You saw it even in the UK. That’s what they’re already doing. It is a cynical, barbaric government.”



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