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'Incredibly damaging!' Sturgeon slammed over strict Covid rules as Scotland rate exposed

Nicola Sturgeon faced widespread criticism from businesses across Scotland after she reintroduced strict measures to combat Covid ahead of the Christmas holidays. BBC Sunday Morning host Sophie Raworth questioned her decision after data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) appeared to show little difference in the infection rate between England and Scotland despite the more relaxed measures south of the border. Ms Raworth said: “In Scotland, you’ve had much tighter restrictions.

England just had Plan B measures. Scotland had much tighter restrictions yet last week, one in 20 people in England had Covid, and one in 20 people in Scotland had Covid.

“Were the restrictions wort it?”

Ms Sturgeon said: “Yes, I think they were. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were broadly in the same place and took broadly the same approach.

“England took a different approach, as it was entitled to do.

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“If you look at the ONS survey, that one in 20 which you cited, in terms of the detail of that, around five and a half percent of the population in England had the virus or were estimated to have had the virus in that week. It was four and a half percent in Scotland.”

She added: “So that is a difference and overall, throughout this pandemic, levels of infection have been lower in Scotland.”

Ms Raworth renewed her line of questioning: “It’s still one in 20. I’m asking you because obviously, the restrictions have had a big impact on people’s lives.

“I’m just asking if they were worth it.”

The Scottish First Minister replied: “Of course. That’s the point I was going to come on and address. The short answer is yes, I think they were worth it.”

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