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Iranian embassy protest: Five police officers 'seriously injured' as 12 people arrested

Violence broke out at the largely peaceful protest at the Iranian Embassy in London on Sunday. Officers were placed at Princes Gate, SW7, in order to oversee the protest following days of large peaceful gatherings in the area.

The Metropolitan Police made it clear in a statement that the majority of the protesters were “responsible”.

However, “a significant group who arrived actively sought to confront officers and protestors from groups they were not in agreement with”. 

The officers were then given support from public order teams who wore protective equipment including helmets and shields after reports emerged of missiles being thrown at officers.

Videos shared on social media showed protesters charging toward police who shouted at them to “get back”.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Further police resources were brought in to support those on the ground after protesters attempted to breach police lines and had thrown missiles at officers.”

The disorder, which broke out at the Iranian Embassy, continued at Marble Arch and at the site of the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale.

Police officers were successful in protecting the building’s security but once again faced attacks. 

Scotland Yard said: “Masonry, bottles, and other projectiles were thrown, and a number of officers were injured.

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“In the coming days, we will be using all the tools at our disposal – including CCTV and other footage – to identify those people and bring them to justice.” 

Following the violence, a Section 35 dispersal order was put in force in the area for the next 48 hours, with 12 people having been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder.



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