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'Is it legal!?' Jon Kay skewers Sturgeon's indyref2 as she bids to bypass Westminster

Nicola Sturgeon received a grilling over plans announced on Tuesday for a second referendum to be held on Scottish independence in October next year. The Scottish First Minister has vowed to take legal action to ensure an IndyRef2 takes place even if the British Parliament at Westminster attempts to block it. BBC host Jon Kay pressed the SNP leader on the legality of this latest independence vote push. 

Mr Kay told the Scottish First Minister: “Asking the Supreme Court, the UK Supreme Court if it’s legal for you to call a referendum without the support of the UK Government in Westminster, and a lot of the legal commentary on this over the last 24 hours suggest that they think that you’re unlikely to win.

“This is a big gamble for you personally and politically, isn’t it? 

“Well, look, I believe Scotland will be better served by being independent and I think in line with the mandate that exists in the Scottish Parliament where a majority of MSP support a referendum that it should be for people to choose,” replied Ms Sturgeon.

It’s not about me personally, or my career, and it’s about seeking to do the right thing for Scotland, and in terms of the Supreme Court it’s the Lord Advocate here who has decided to refer this matter to the Supreme Court at my request because the ability of the Scottish Parliament to legislate without a transfer of power by the UK Government is contested.”




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