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'It's nonsense!' Meghan sparks fact-checking frenzy as royal expert demands 'intervention'

Meghan Markle’s latest interview with The Cut, alongside the Duchess’ new Spotify podcast Archetypes, has sparked frenzy with calls to include more “intervention” with fact-checking before their releases. Speaking on Australia’s Sunrise, royal expert Robert Jobson voices his demands for more chances to challenge the Duchess of Sussex on her allegations about the treatment she received as a member of the Royal Family.

After being asked “what’s the word on your street’ in the UK about Meghan’s latest controversial interviews, Mr Jobson said: “Well, it’s getting to the point where, I think, some of this stuff is so nonsensical, so untrue, there should be some sort of intervention.

“No-one in these interviews is picking her up on these on these, saying where are you getting them from.”

He added: “There’s one claim, about her children, that they’ll be forty, if she’s taking the kids to school in the UK, there’ll be forty press outside every day.

“Now, in America, they believe in this stuff”, adding that “there’s rules here set by the press”.

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Prince Charles personally brokered the deal, which also remained in place when the Duke of Cambridge set off for St Andrews’ University in the early 2000s.

However, the Duchess of Sussex has also been praised for speaking out about her experience and reclaiming her voice since quitting the Royal Family two years ago.

Meghan and Harry are set to step foot back on UK soil in September.

Their visit will see the couple attending various events by charities “close to their hearts”.

The events include the One Young World Summit in Manchester on September 5 and the WellChild Awards on September 8 in London.




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